Our precious advice to make your wedding a success

A wedding raises an infinite number of questions once we have decided to take the plunge, and brides do not intend to remain in doubt (nor do we want the day to come when there will not be a single thing about which they will not be sure).

Wedding preparations: where to start?

Thanks to wedding retroplanning, one can easily prepare the event thanks to the availability of a detailed program. Among the details to be accomplished when organizing the figureny party: announcing the happy event to the family, choosing the wedding style, studying the budget, drawing up the guest list, setting the date, finding a wedding planner…

Have you thought about using a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who knows the ins and outs of wedding planning. So if you think you can’t manage everything or if you are short of time, don’t hesitate to hire one, he will be very useful!

Wife-and-husband-to-be: the service providers you have to meet

Culinary services

Very popular during wedding cocktails, the culinary workshops allow you to both entertain and delight your guests! These culinary stalls are a real animation during a wine of honour, a primordial moment which must be as convivial as possible.

Decorative services

Professional event decorators offer their services for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births, children’s parties, company parties, or fundraisers among others. Included in these services are consultations and advice, rental of decorating elements, and set up of the decor.

Animation & shows

Who says marriage, says animation since it is a question of celebrating this union, and thus of having fun. The main entertainment found in almost all weddings – from the simplest to the most lavish – is the music that will make the guests dance at the end of the evening. It could be an orchestra or a DJ, but in any case, you should have chosen together beforehand the “playlist” you wish to hear.

Ready for the D-day?

In order to prepare your wedding in the best possible way, it is highly recommended to call on professionals. Once you have set a date, you can start organising the ceremony. Remember to book the venue well in advance. The second phase consists of drawing up a guest list. The other steps consist in determining: the budget, the providers, the purchase of the outfits, the type of marital contracts, the theme of the event, the seating plan… Do not forget about your vows, you may seek inspiration on poème-d-amour.com.

Wedding announcement

The announcement is in a way the first contact between you and your guests before the big day. Our vast collection is precisely designed to meet this need for adequacy between the event and the associated communication.

Wedding outfits

The wedding is fast approaching and you’re looking for the perfect outfit to say yes. If dresses aren’t really your cup of tea or if you just want to stand out, know that getting married in trousers is an original, elegant and modern alternative to the wedding dress.

Wedding photography

Is the big day coming up? You have finally found the perfect photographer to immortalize every moment of your wedding day, but you’re wondering how the photo shoots will play out and fit into your already busy schedule?

Plan your honeymoon

The honeymoon is the crucial stage following the wedding ceremony. This trip must be unique but above all unforgettable. Don’t hesitate to compose a tailor-made honeymoon trip: the one that suits you and your spouse. For this: no room for improvisation! This trip requires real preparation that ranges from planning outside activities to making your nights as wild as it gets thanks to libertine-magazine.com or other experts’ advice.

Usually, lovebirds plan it three to six months before the wedding ceremony. It is, therefore, preferable to anticipate your honeymoon and prepare it so that everything is perfect: especially if your trip lasts a week or a weekend. Of course, the choice of destination is an important moment in this organization and must be made by both of you, you can also find some seduction advices online.