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Celebrate love: Crafting the perfect wedding reception

Love is splendid, heady concoction of emotions that binds two souls together! As you embark on the journey of forever, the spotlight inevitably shifts to the grand crescendo of your union: the wedding reception. It’s not just a party; it’s…

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Privatize a castle: how to organize a princely wedding?

Before the wedding day, it is important to determine in advance the budget, choose the appropriate venue, the wedding menu and the number of guests. This is why the bride and groom prefer to use the services of a professional…

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Where to celebrate a wedding in a small group ?

Do you prefer a wedding in all discretion? So, here are some Did we only invite the people closest to you? The choice of the place of reception depends on your budget and your expectations. But how to make a…

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Is it possible to get married at home?

When it comes to choosing a wedding reception, most couples tend to overlook the fact that there is always a familiar, comfortable and beautiful place to hold such a special event that can be the perfect venue. You will not…

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Function room: the criteria for choosing the perfect place !

Almost every aspect of a wedding is optional: wearing a suit instead of a dress, giving up the flowers to give up the wedding cake, there’s one thing you can’t skip: a venue! After all, you must have a place…

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