How to deal with your wedding budget ?

Planning a wedding is no small task. It must be planned in such a way that everything is in place when the time comes. Whether you decide to have a big wedding with many guests or just a small party, you should budget for it.

The basic budget for a wedding

The basic budget for a wedding is the financing of the unavoidable expenses such as the purchase of the wedding dress and the groom's outfit, the rental of the reception hall, the invitations, the remuneration of the caterers, the photographer and the wedding cake. The purchase of festive clothing such as the wedding dress, the groom's tuxedo, and the outfits for the girls and boys of honour are the responsibility of the couple. All these festive clothes can be very expensive, not to mention accessories such as the bouquet, veils, shoes and jewellery. The wedding party including the menu, drinks and decorations is also expensive. In addition to these, one should not forget the cost of catering services and entertainers. These account for almost half of a wedding's basic budget.

Additional and Optional Wedding Expenses

The wedding budget is not only limited to the points mentioned above. The choice of the leading car for the procession also comes into consideration. Many couples choose an exceptional car to lead the parade. The rental of an extraordinary car such as a limousine or sports car would be more expensive than a simple vehicle. Afterwards, one has to think about the decorations of the hall and the church. These can be the responsibility of an experienced decorator. This kind of service is an additional expense if the couple dreams of a very aesthetic and elegant wedding. In addition, it is also important to include in the wedding budget the services of the party organisers or the DJ. They are the ones who make the atmosphere of the party warmer.

Organising your own wedding: a good idea to manage your accounts well

In order to manage your wedding budget, it is advisable to organize it yourself. This reduces expenses considerably. For decoration, for example, it is possible to create and install the decor yourself without help. There are a few ideas that are quick and easy to implement. The wedding aisle can be decorated with a few flowers in a bucket bowl hanging from the chairs. To decorate the tables, centrepieces can be personalised by blowing up a balloon and wrapping it with thread all around. You can also use period frames and hang them in the reception area. Guests can have fun taking pictures. Decorating the reception hall is a delicate job because it must be adapted to the chosen theme and the personality of the bride and groom. You can choose to decorate it by candlelight. In addition to bringing a romantic and intimate atmosphere to the event, they are economical. Apart from the decoration, opting for outfits designed by couturiers is less expensive than ready-to-wear. It is a way to manage your wedding budget.
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