How to organise a successful wedding?

Published on : 06 May 20213 min reading time

Weddings are special events that mark an important milestone in the couple’s journey. The best gift one can ever give them is an orderly, timely and successful event. In line with events best practices, has the best guidelines for organizing and managing weddings. Operations cost might vary depending on the location, but the outcome is the same.


Good weddings need time to plan and execute. It should also factor in unforeseen instances that may delay pre-planned issues. Top of the list is the source of capital. If the couple doesn’t have enough money, the timeline should accommodate it, basing on their income. Correct timing facilitates purchases, logistics, events pre-planning and bookings.

On the D-Day, the schedule must be rehearsed and perfected, and the relevant persons notified of the timelines. From transportation to officiating and catering, everything should fit in place. If everyone observes their end, it can give the couples their best wedding ever.


It is a one-day event, but planning for it takes a while. The couple may go for extravagance if they have the means. However, if not checked, its cost might exceedingly high. Expensive weddings are not necessarily good. The couple and their committee should have a plan and a budget, which they must follow religiously.

While budgeting, consider the cost and the source of funds. It will give the planners the go-ahead. If the cost exceeds the funds available, they can still prioritize the must-do elements. However, if there is enough, execute in moderation and factor in the miscellaneous elements. However, a wedding should not be expensive since it is only a one-day event. It signals the start of a different phase in life.

Events Management

Getting everything in place within the given timeframe is crucial for the success of the day. Look for a second opinion on any activity or element to avoid the last-minute rush. Since event planning and management exposes the planner to all manner of risks, look for an acclaimed organization or person to run the whole event. The pressure to deliver should not rest on the bride or groom but an appointed person.

The Master of Ceremony should be the life of the event. He or she should understand the protocol, timing and guest servicing. Most weddings have the legal/church phase and the family/friends phase. Each of the phases has guidelines, which the MC must observe to avoid friction. Lastly, ensure every supplier is paid on time to avoid backlash. However, it should come in phases based on delivery to inspire hard work and maintain timelines. To understand events management in detail, go to Londonweddingsmagazine for different weddings approach and execution.

Making it Memorable

For future reference, you need audio-visuals and pictures done professionally. Still photography should be on-point to capture every moment throughout the event. From dressing up to the convoy, walking down the aisle and reciting vows, the photographer must capture every element. The couple will then select the pictures that will create the album.

Besides the still pictures, a videographer will capture every vital step of the day. Moments such as the vows, the bride and groom convoy, walking down the aisle and the first meal should make the shortlist. The videographer will then edit the video to capture the essential parts of the events, start to finish.

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