The bride and the groom : how to dress for the D-day ?

The bride and groom's suits are the biggest expense item on D-Day. That's why it's important to make the right choice. In fact, all eyes will be on the bride and groom, making it even more important to find the perfect outfit. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

How to choose your wedding dress?

The bride is the queen of the party. Therefore, she must choose her outfit with the greatest care. You have to scout several specialized shops to find the perfect dress. But before doing so, check your desires regarding style, shape, train, ... Don't go to the shops with an empty head, you will waste a lot of time and come out demotivated. By defining the characters of your dress in advance, you optimize the possibility to find it. Then, don't hesitate to schedule fitting appointments. This way, you will have the confirmation that the style you have chosen corresponds to your morphology. This last point is important. When we see wedding dresses in magazines, we are often attracted by a model that does not necessarily correspond to us. By doing fittings, you can redo the point and orient yourself towards another style. Don't hesitate to bring someone with an objective opinion to advise you. Finally, check the closure and the details of the dress before you buy so that you don't have any surprises on the big day.

How to choose your wedding suit?

To find the right wedding suit, choose a model in your size.  The outfit should highlight you by enhancing your silhouette. Models that are too big or too short are not suitable. You may either choke or float. For trousers, adjust the length so that you don't squeeze or hide your shoes. You need to keep your legs free to have a slimmer silhouette. The shoulders should also be perfect to match your curves. This helps to structure your stature. For a chic suit, avoid models whose sides of the jacket don't fall lower than your buttocks. They should ideally be at the level of the palms of your hands. The bending of the jacket should also follow the natural curvature of your shape for a good result. Don't forget to do a fitting to check all these points.

The accessories that enhance your outfit for the D-day

In order to sublimate even more your outfit for the D-Day, accessories are essential. For the bride, opt for a discreet but elegant necklace. Also add a tiara for a guaranteed princess effect. For the groom, you can choose a trendy watch or bracelet. Cufflinks and tie clips are also very stylish and are perfect for a wedding. The bride and groom's shoes are also very important accessories. In order to choose the right model, a fitting with the outfit is recommended. However, choose a colour that will go well with your suit or wedding dress.
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