Wedding announcement: what should we write on it?

Writing wedding invitations is an essential step in the wedding planning process. They are invitations sent to the guests to inform them of the event. It announces the date and place of the ceremony and reception. Some people choose to write the wedding theme on them. Usually, this invitation is printed and sent to the guests in person or by mail.

The different steps in the making of a wedding announcement

You can't improvise a wedding announcement. There are several steps to follow, the first of which is to choose the shape, size and type of paper. Its appearance can remain matt or have a small shiny side. As far as calligraphy is concerned, the 18th century English letter, particularly the beautiful alternating full and loose lines with more or less complex scrolls, is the most suitable for weddings. On the colour side, it can be adapted to the wedding theme. The most conventional ones are navy blue, burgundy red, black and bottle green. But it is still possible to choose other colours such as beige, pink, grey and many others.

Inscriptions to put on the invitations

After having chosen the shape, the colour and the model of your wedding announcement, we define the essential elements to be mentioned on it. The information to be written on the wedding announcement includes the name of the bride and groom with contact information, the date of the wedding, the place and time of the ceremony and the reception. The number of people to be invited, the desired date of return and the contact person for the replies should also be found on the wedding invitation. After all these, it is quite possible to add a map of how to get from the town hall or church to the reception venue, a list of nearby hotels and information about the dress-code. To avoid a too conventional result, it is advisable to avoid pre-written and impersonal texts. A photo of the couple can also be included in an announcement. Finally, the final touch before sending the invitations to the guests and choosing the packaging, which can be either an envelope or a small parcel.

A few ideas to help you choose the right wedding announcement

In order to make the best choice of your wedding announcement, a few tips should be taken into account. The first reflex is to look at all the wedding invitations you have already received to get a clear idea of your preferences. Ideally, it is best to ask the suppliers for advice or even look at models in wedding salons. Wedding suppliers present many collections depending on the wedding theme, such as country, romantic, cinema or other. In case you still can't decide, you can choose the DIY or Do It Yourself option. If you have the necessary skills and time, deciding to make your own announcement is very advantageous. Indeed, you can obtain a personalized and economic work.
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