Where to celebrate a wedding in a small group ?

Do you prefer a wedding in all discretion? So, here are some Did we only invite the people closest to you? The choice of the place of reception depends on your budget and your expectations. But how to make a success of the decoration? And what kind of entertainment to put in place?

The choice of the place for a wedding in small committee

Will it be just your close relatives and close friends at the table? You must plan a space that is neither too large nor too small to receive them. It is possible, for example, to rent a private space in a restaurant for the day. You can also choose to have dinner or lunch in the garden, on the terrace or even in your dining room, provided you add a personal touch. If your budget allows, a reception by the beach or in the garden of a rustic building in the countryside is also a good compromise. This will bring a touch of originality to your wedding. However, for a reception outside, ask about the weather to avoid unpleasant surprises. To awaken your guests' taste buds, order meals specially designed for the occasion. Your caterer can offer you original dishes that are sure to surprise your guests! In any case, the objective is that everyone can fully enjoy the moment.

Decoration: a must!

No matter where you choose, it is very important to take good care of the decoration and stick to your budget. The rule? Everything must be in harmony with your theme and in keeping with the setting. But to avoid mistakes, try to adapt to the place and add a personal touch to make all the difference. If you've chosen a rural or outdoor wedding, get inspired by the latest trends such as boho chic or rural chic. Vintage decors are also on the rise. So take a few inspirations online to bring some magic to your reception venue. Either way, if you have a small budget, create your own decoration. Beware! It is very important to take the season into account. The decoration will indeed not be the same in winter, summer or spring.

Wedding animation

So that everyone can have a pleasant time, you must not neglect the animation, even for a wedding in small groups. For a warm and friendly atmosphere, the choice of music is essential. During lunch or dinner, prefer soft and romantic music. Afterwards, to add a little more atmosphere, invite your loved ones to dance. To spice up the event, you can hire an illusionist or circus artists to impress your guests. Lanterns and balloons will also bring a moment of wonder to your loved ones. Moreover, they are 100% biodegradable products that do not present any danger to the environment. At nightfall, for an exceptional reception, don't forget the fireworks. Moreover, these products are entirely customizable.
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