How to choose a wedding suit?

Published on : 28 April 20203 min reading time

Choosing your wedding suit is a big decision! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life when all eyes will be on you and your future spouse. Naturally, you want to look your best. Unfortunately, many men will skimp on their wedding suit, choosing something ill-fitting, or even worse, renting their suit. This is a huge shame, because your wedding suit should be something special that you can continue to wear long after your big day. But how do you choose the best suit for your wedding?

Why do you have to customize your suit?

Are you going to buy directly or hire a formal wear specialist? Tailored or made to measure? Either way, it is wise to make your measurements. It will save you time and money, and you will certainly want a well-fitting suit for the big day. If you want a tailor-made suit, it is best to make an appointment more months in advance before your wedding. When choosing a formal wear specialist, find out if all of their suits are available in-house or if they use a third party supplier, and if they can make modifications on site. If the suits are available in-house, you’ll be able to try on the suits much sooner than expected if the suits come from a third party supplier. For the ultimate in custom fit and style, you can even go custom and choose your own lining, suit fabric and add personal touches. Finally, a custom wedding suit offers an almost infinite choice. There are countless styling options and we can accommodate even the most unusual style requests.

What are the points to check when choosing a suit?

Before choosing a suit definitively, you must first choose the right size in relation to the shoulders, sleeves or buttonholes. It is important to choose a suit that is not too tight or too wide. For example, the sleeves should be made to measure to allow a lot of freedom of movement. A suit made with fabrics such as cotton allows you to be less hot if the wedding is made during the summer or in a tropical country. To avoid bad taste, the belt should match the colour of the shoes. As far as colours are concerned, one should not exaggerate, only two or three colours are enough. The colour of the suit must also be in harmony with the colour of the bride. The black suit is most often preferred because it is elegant and goes through everything.

The suit should reflect the personality of the groom

It is important for the groom to find a suit that reflects his personality, his vision in line with the wedding theme. Thus, the shirt, tie or bow tie must be in line with the groom’s characters. Likewise, the best man’s suit can be made to measure to complement the suit worn by the groom. In summary, the choice of the groom’s costume or suit is as important as that of the bride. The choice must depend on several factors reflecting the theme of the wedding and especially the personality of the bride and groom.

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