The guest list

The guest list is essential in the organization of a wedding. It determines the course of the ceremony, including the choice of venue, the caterer, the placement of guests and many other details. The guest list also has a big impact on the wedding budget. Here are some tips to help you put together your list step by step.

Make an approximation

You can't close your list in the first few days. However, think about having a rough idea of the number of guests you want to have. This will make it much easier. By defining a range of guests, you can already visit reception venues and think about the general organization of the wedding. Some places require a maximum number of guests, which is why it would be a shame if this does not suit your list. Then, think about taking your family members one by one, sometimes planning upwards to avoid surprises. This way you can start thinking about the type of reception. A wedding cannot be intimate with a hundred guests. Your guest list should reflect your needs and your means as well.

Establish a budget

In any ceremony preparation, the preparation of a budget is a crucial step. It is the guiding thread that must direct the entire organization. This is even more true in the context of a wedding. Between the location of the venue, the caterer, the gifts but also the cake, the majority of the preparations are related to the budget and the number of guests. By setting an amount for the whole celebration from the beginning, you can restrict or increase the number of people to be invited. In some cases, the bride and groom can offer the guests to pay their share for the buffet. However, this is quite frowned upon. If you are still having trouble defining an approximate number, keep only the expenses per person for the meal. Just with a budget per place setting, you can estimate fairly accurately how many guests you can have.

Choosing guests

It's the last step. Start by making groups: family, close friends, childhood friends, colleagues, ... You must then list all the guests by group, starting with the most important ones, your close family for example and all those you have to invite. Don't forget to make the list as a couple so that you don't forget anyone. Preferably, you should keep only those people who know you and with whom you have contact. There is no need to invite a distant cousin with whom you do not speak. For colleagues, choose your closest collaborators and one or two people who represent your company. Keep in mind that this is a celebration in your honour, so you need to have an affinity with your guests. As for friends, favour those with whom you are often in contact. Don't forget to plan for those who will be accompanied. To avoid mistakes, specify the valid number on the invitation. This way, you won't have the unpleasant obligation to tell one of your friends that he or she must come alone. However, those who are married should generally be invited as a couple, but without children. Only children of close families are counted. For this purpose, provide a separate list with the ages of the children for the caterer.
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