Wedding dress : how to choose the right dress fo your morphology ?

Choosing a wedding dress can be a real dilemma, especially when you're hesitating between two styles. The mermaid dress and the meringue dress presented are both very distinct, but are very fashionable. If you hesitate, follow our article to make your choice easier.

Characteristics of the meringue dress

The so-called meringue wedding dress is a very puffy dress, with a very voluminous cut. It is reminiscent of the pastry of the same name with its pulpy structure and light colour. It was mainly the star of the balls of yesteryear, but today's brides are bringing it up to date. The meringue dress is particularly suitable for those who want a princess style. It can be embellished with frills and ribbons to bring this princely style. If you have a fine morphology, with a little marked size, this dress will fit you perfectly at your wedding. It is also preferable for women with small breasts, because the laces and frills will visually increase its size. On the other hand, if you're not very tall, avoid the meringue dress, which can make you feel even more cramped.

Characteristics of the mermaid dress

A mermaid dress is a dress in the shape of a fishtail. Very close to the body, it is the sexiest style of wedding dress. It hugs the curves of the bride and draws the eye over her entire silhouette. The mermaid dress is not only elegant, but also very trendy. It boosts self-confidence. However, it is not suitable for all body types. If you are thin or round, the mermaid dress will only increase your shape. To wear this type of dress, you need an almost perfect line, with fairly coordinated body proportions: a large waist, a full but not too large chest, a flat belly and well defined hips. The curves must thus be well marked, without being prominent. With lace sleeves and back, the mermaid dress is delicate and sophisticated to perfection.

The mermaid and meringue dress

If you are still hesitating between the mermaid dress and the meringue dress, you can combine both styles. Indeed, the dress will follow your curves up to knee level, then it will flare into tulle, frills and lace. This is an excellent alternative if you want to have a dress close to the body at the top, but with volume at the bottom. In any case, choose the dress you like the most. Trends come and go, but your D-Day is a one of a kind. Your wedding dress should be the one that enhances you and the one you always dreamed of wearing as a child. Siren or meringue, don't forget to do at least one fitting to find the model that suits you best. You can also make a few modifications and alterations so that the result is exactly as you want it to be.
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